I will use this opportunity to introduce myself and describe my professional experience as a QA Engineer.

Hello, my name is Luis Hernandez.

I earned a Master of Science degree in Information Systems from Texas A&M International University. I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Management of Information Systems from the same educational institution.

I have published one textbook on Amazon:
- The Most Used Japanese Kanji Characters: An Analysis of Japanese Social Media, Song Lyrics, Websites, and Novels

Additionally, I have published four different e-books on Amazon:
- The Most Used Japanese Kanji Characters in Social Media
- The Most Used Japanese Kanji Characters in Song Lyrics
- The Most Used Japanese Kanji Characters in Novels
- The Most Used Japanese Kanji Characters in Websites

For more information about how I collected the data and the source code I used to do the analysis, please visit my blog

According to several personality tests I took, the adjectives that describe me are:
- Trustworthy, Innovative, Curious, Adaptable, Open-minded, Incremental, Devoted, Helpful, Kind, Logical, and Methodical.
Continuing with the results of the personality tests, it seems I should describe myself as:
- The kind of person who is very well organized and can be relied upon; Good natured, courteous and supportive; and also as the kind of person who remains calm, even in tense situations.

Moreover, I am a huge horror movies fan, my top 5 are:
- The Devil's Doorway, Last Shift, The Woman in Black, Devil, and Dead Silence.
I also like thriller, mystery, comedy, action, and documentaries.

In regards to music, I like rock and tejano (often known as tex-mex). Some of my favorite bands are:
- Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Sum 41, and La Mafia.
I also like piano music, andean music, and vallenato.

My skills

Programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, and applications I have used at my previous jobs or I learned on my own:

Python, C#, C++, Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, ASP.NET, Java, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, .NET, Selenium, Appium, TestNG, Regular expressions, Xpath, Android OS, Linux, Crystal Reports, and Adobe Photoshop.



My experience as a QA Engineer includes years in development, application testing, and technical support.
Furthermore, I have hands-on experience in all facets of software testing, including gathering software requirements, test planning and designing, test environment set up, and test execution and reporting.

Additionally, I share my knowledge with others by creating accurate technical documentation.
Also, I am Bilingual in English and Spanish.

My Education

Master of Science in Information Systems

Texas A&M International University

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Management of Information Systems

Texas A&M International University

Work Experience

Global Support Level 1 Agent

Evaluates incidents reported by customers through different channels of documentation, uses available information from internal and external sources, and isolates the main issue in order to determine the best course of action.

Quality Assurance Specialist

Monitored recorded inbound and outbound calls to assess the agents' demeanor, their customer service performance, the accuracy of the information provided to the consumers, and their conformity to the company's policies and procedures.
Made recommendations on how to improve the agents' performance and creates quick reference guides or flowcharts to facilitate the agents' job.

Technical Support Specialist

Diagnosed, replicated, and resolved customer issues when using the FedEx software application, provided remote support to software users, and documented problems for further analysis
Assisted customers with guiding, troubleshooting, and resolving user related issues when accessing the FedEx website and all of its features
Collaborated with the Customer Service Department to support customers with their shipment, pickup, and tracking problems

.NET Developer

Contributed to remediating hundreds of thousands of lines of code by searching and replacing specific patterns in a large number of files using regular expressions in Python
Enhanced the clients understanding of the progress of a migration project by generating a variety of reports, which included:
- Data about the number of lines of code that changed as a result of using regular expressions during a specific time range, Information about the name of the files that were modified by a regular expression, and Data about the count of number of lines of code from each file in the migration source, excluding the comments
Wrote several classes using C# to help the team to migrate the code from RPG to the .NET environment
Verified that the quality of the company’s web applications was acceptable by using Selenium, which is a web browser automation software
Performed different types of software testing, including: Smoke, Black box, Browser compatibility, Load, Negative, and Regression testing
Utilized FogBugz, which is an issue-tracking platform, to fix bugs that were found in the migration project and to inform the team of any additional problems that were found while resolving a case

MIS Assistant

Wrote queries to retrieve the data from a SQL database and created reports based on the information provided by managers from several departments
Shared own knowledge and experience about the use of Crystal Reports and Emphasys Elite with the MIS Department by providing written documentation and video tutorials
Supported the MIS Department by troubleshooting the employees’ computers using TightVNC, which is a remote control software package
Designed flyers and slides for PowerPoint presentations for the potential landlords and tenants with intention in applying for housing using Adobe Photoshop


I have created several desktop, web, and android applications as examples using:
Visual Basic, C#, MS SQL Server, PHP, MySQL, Java for Android, and Python.

Contact me

If you prefer, you can also contact me on LinkedIn.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.
I look forward to speak with you soon.

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